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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ritu Singh

Written by Amanda Richards

If there’s anything we all have in common, it’s wanting our dreams to come true. This is especially significant in orthodontic treatment. If patients do not take their compliance seriously, their time waiting on the perfect smile can be delayed much longer than it needed to be. Compliance goes far beyond just having a good listening ear for your orthodontist. Taking note of what ideal treatment compliance means and looks like during the entirety that you are in your braces is vital for optimal results and success. And we want to outline how we can help you…help yourself!


Our Goals = Your Goals

Seeking orthodontic treatment is a choice made in the hope of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing smile. When a patient decides to start treatment with us, our goals will always match theirs. 


It is our priority, as dental professionals, to make sure patients understand that we only want what is best for you and whatever it takes to achieve your desired smile. All recommendations, advice and especially at-home habits are sternly communicated in the effort to achieve everyone’s mutual goals throughout treatment, as patient compliance is the most crucial factor in orthodontic treatment.  Great things never come easily, but they are well worth the wait!


Focus Your Energy Where It Counts

If you aren’t seeing as much progress as you expected to, it’s a good bet that it has to do with your genetics outside of anyone’s control. This can be frustrating, as genetics may cause someone’s teeth to move at a noticeably slower rate than others. 


Other biological factors that can limit a patient’s individual progress include bone density, inflammatory responses and complexity of tooth growing patterns within the mouth. Most of our cases are completed within 18-24 months, some being shorter and some being longer than others due to such factors. Understanding that every person’s biological makeup differs is extremely important for avoiding discouragement in the middle of your treatment. In orthodontics, it is always best to focus on maintaining what is within your control and accepting what you cannot. 

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