Interdisciplinary Treatment

“Interdisciplinary treatment” involves multiple providers working together to achieve joint goals. One common example is the coordination and communication that happens between a dentist and orthodontist to ensure optimal treatment for a patient. The philosophy is to tap into various disciplines of dentistry, helping to improve overall results for the patient.

As standalone services, both dentistry and orthodontics can provide benefits for patients. There are times when these treatments are more effective when paired with services from complementary providers.

Team Effort for Optimal Services

This interdisciplinary approach involves two or more specialized experts in the industry, and usually includes a combined effort for:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment planning
  • Treatment implementation
  • Ongoing communication regarding treatment

When complex dental conditions need to be treated, multiple providers must work together for the best results. Not only is the initial plan designed using a team effort, but adjustments can be implemented throughout the treatment process as needed.

This interdisciplinary approach helps with the simplification of the treatment. At the same time, the outcome of the results is enhanced because of the coordination of multiple providers. Additionally, it is possible to reduce potential confusion and complications throughout the treatment period.

Tapping into the Services of Industry Experts

At Advanced Orthodontics, we offer specialized services to help with the alignment of teeth and jaw positioning. Our team is happy to work hand-in-hand with your dentist, helping to optimize the available results. There are times when we refer our patients to receive dental services, such as tooth extraction required for orthodontic treatments. Additionally, we often receive referrals from dentist in the area when patients need orthodontic services along with standard dental services.

For more information about potential treatment plans, schedule a consultation with our team. Call Advanced Orthodontics for an appointment.



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