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Hidden Health Benefits Behind Straight Teeth

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ritu Singh

Written by Amanda Richards


It’s a given that straighter teeth cause people to fall more in love with their smile. But having a smile to be proud of is not the only reason to come to your orthodontist. There are bonus, underlying health benefits to your orthodontic treatment that aren’t as commonly praised as the aesthetic ones are. A patient’s long-term health and wellness can be greatly affected by upkeep of proper dental hygiene. Here’s some improvements to the body that one can look forward to when making it a priority to see an orthodontist.


Easier Digestion

The inability to chew properly or dealing with various dental issues can very negatively affect your digestive system. Misaligned teeth and jaws make breaking down food more troublesome, not to mention time consuming. Sometimes even painful. This causes food to take longer passing through the digestive system. Tooth pain or misalignment of the teeth also means having to deal with the effects of poor digestion, such as bloating and missing out on the nutrients you would get from consuming certain foods. Braces assist in alleviating these pains and conquering these side effects. 


Uncomplicated Speech

Speech impediments are commonly observed in the world of orthodontics. Lisps can form when a patient has malocclusion involving tongue position in the mouth. When working together properly, the tongue and teeth produce a clear and effortless speech pattern. When someone has difficulty pronouncing words or discomfort when attempting to whistle for example, it can mean their teeth are misaligned in a way that doesn’t allow for the tongue to work together with the teeth in order to produce smooth speech. 


Fighting Diseases

Poor dental health and hygiene can result in a higher likelihood for developing serious ailments to the body. Staying on top of brushing helps fight oral bacteria that has been shown to cause gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis. And the harder it is to brush and clean your teeth (from cavities, crooked teeth, or misaligned jaws, for example), the more likely you are to contract such diseases. Protecting your new smile also helps largely in preventing these types of oral bacteria, so if you are fresh out of braces be sure to check up on your retainers and report any concerns to your orthodontist!


Reducing General Bodily Soreness

Misaligned teeth are a contributor to body pains aside from the typical toothaches. Teeth grinding, for example, can lead to worn-down teeth causing inflamed gums and even cracked teeth, with enough force. A misaligned jaw also comes hand in hand with the teeth. If severe or left long enough, this can cause neck, mouth, ear and face pain without proper attention. 


It is important to realize that straight teeth are not just for creating perfect smiles. The job of your orthodontist is to take into consideration your overall health and wellness, and they do that with each procedure and piece of advice along the way.


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