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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ritu Singh

Written by Amanda Richards

We believe that walking into your consultation appointment with us should not bring anxiety and worry. This is the time to get excited and interested in your orthodontic journey. It’s all about discovering the right path for YOU & your needs! Knowing the key questions and terminology to keep an ear out for are important to help welcome you to the world of smile correction. 

What treatment options are available for me?

Our office offers multiple options and pathways to select from for treatment. During consultation, your orthodontist will explain why they believe traditional (metal) braces may benefit the patient over Invisalign, for example. We will listen to your needs and preferences in order to assess your dental situation appropriately. Before anything else, we take into consideration the best outcome for the patient and will provide a detailed explanation as to our goals together as a doctor-patient team. 

Will getting braces/aligners hurt?

It is important to note that any new dental appliance will cause initial discomfort, as this will be a foreign feeling to the mouth. This is temporary and will clear up with time.. In order to avoid becoming alarmed at home, ask any clarifying questions regarding normal and abnormal braces discomfort at your consultation. 

How often will I need to make return visits to the office? 

Being committed to making your return visits is extremely important for orthodontic treatment. When return visits are missed, your treatment will be delayed and optimal results may not occur as desired. Understanding this, and other responsibilities, that come with braces will make your smile journey as smooth as possible. While the type of braces/aligners will impact the schedule for return visits, we typically see patients back every 4-6 weeks for adjustments and check-ups. With clear aligner options like invisalign, average time in between appointments is 8-12 weeks. Being mindful of your appointments will help in creating a long-term schedule that can be easily maintained for the duration of treatment.

How do I keep my braces and teeth clean during treatment?

Applying proper brushing and flossing techniques during the entire duration of treatment will make a world of difference when your braces eventually do have to be removed. Without these techniques, it is almost guaranteed that your teeth will develop calcium deposits, white spots and other undesired buildup on the teeth that will affect the aesthetic of your hard-earned smile. Our assistants will dive into deep detail about how to care for your braces and teeth during treatment. But it never hurts to get ahead of the game and begin employing those habits early!

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